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i've been rocking the mnandi as my only edc for over a year.... don't think i'll buy another knife.
Edmundo ·
Yeah, my Sebenza broke my knife acquisition habit about 10 years ago, until I lost it in 2014... I shutter to think how much I spent trying to find my "next" ideal knife before landing on the Mnandi. This thing is pretty much cutlery perfection - plus the CRK shop is about 5 miles from my house... No struggle buying local here ;)
As minmalist as it gets. DIY keychain ? Love it !
Edmundo ·
I can't leave my keychain alone! I hate carrying keys so much, it's a constant evolution.
Thaddeus Halloran ·
Dig the Keychain! Well done!
Classy carry 👍. Where did you get that shackle for your keys?
Edmundo ·
I got it from an agricultural supply store - it's a small chain masterlink, just about bicycle size ;)
I've been meaning to ask... Your wallet has a very nice sheen-- Did you use anything to treat, condition, protect, etc the leather that might have contributed to the nice shiny patina? I am hoping to emulate a similar look as my leather wallet breaks in.
Edmundo ·
Thanks for noticing ~ it's about 9 months of use, that's it. When I first received the wallet I did put black metal spring clips around the outside edge, to help form the leather around the cards and also to help it stay closed (neither of which worked). Time has worked at getting it to stay closed and molding the leather to the cards... Getting high-quality leather like a Horween Dublin or the Saddleback's leather (both examples with good pullup characteristics) seems to help, but over time the oils in your hands and abrasion against clothing will burnish good quality leather and provide a nice shiny finish. Eventually, unfinished edges will start to look nice, smooth and round, but that takes a loooong time and a lot of dedication to that piece of gear. Keep at it!
Thanks for taking the time to reply. My new wallet is also a Saddleback so I am hoping to achieve similarly handsome results in time. Your wallet looks great. I love the fit and feel of mine so I foresee no problems with carrying it for the foreseeable future until it breaks-in. The coloring of the leather is a bit light for my tastes for the time being, but I know it will mature to a deeper hue as time wears on.
Edmundo ·
This is the Tobacco color, and I've been really pleased with how it's darkened over time :)
I really like the overall aesthetic of your carry. Your keychain mod catches my eye the most. I enjoy seeing what ideas folks come up when they cant readily find exactly what they are looking for.
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