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10 Ways to EDC Paracord

Jonathan Tayag
10 Ways to EDC Paracord

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A bundle of paracord is one of the most versatile and useful things you can have in your EDC. That's because its strength and durability allows you to do more with it than might think. You can tie things together, use it to repair straps and cords, and even turn it into an emergency tourniquet. The possibilities are almost endless, and versatility is all well and good, but you still might find it a bit strange to carry around a bundle of rope. Usually you'll see EDCers tie a short lanyard to their knife or flashlight, but the good news is that there are plenty of other ways to discreetly carry paracord. In this guide, we'll show you some unconventional ways to integrate this useful cordage into your everyday carry.

On Your Wrist: TI-EDC Handwoven Outdoor Survival Bracelet

If you don't EDC a watch but still like the idea of something useful on your wrist, check out this paracord bracelet. It fits approximately 10 feet of braided paracord onto a bracelet made for 7 to 8 inch wrists.

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On Your Watch: Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Paracord Strap

You can replace the standard strap on your watch with a braided paracord strap. This will give your watch a bit of character and let you keep a bundle of handy rope on hand when you need it. This Naimakka-made band will fit more than Swiss Army watches: it replaces any 21mm band.

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On Your Phone Cable: Leevin Lightning USB Cable Bracelet

Phone cables can be like bundles of paracord: awkward to carry around everyday. This particular braided paracord bracelet integrates an iPhone Lightning cable into your EDC ensemble. With it, you'll be prepared for the worst, be it a low battery or an emergency situation that requires paracord.

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On Your Keys: Bomber and Company Survival Keychain

This braided paracord keychain by Bomber and Company holds almost 5 feet of cord. It also comes with an HK-style clip to attach your keys to your pants or your gear. Woven into the paracord is a flint and steel firestarter for emergency use.

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On Your Waist: RattlerStrap Paracord EDC Survival Belt

The RattlerStrap is a belt made out of over 80 feet of braided 550 paracord. Unlike most belts, you can adjust to any quarter-inch size. The buckle is also made out of strong titanium that will also help keep the belt light on your waist.

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On Your Boots: 550 Paracord Shoelaces

Upgrade your shoelaces and use these heavy-duty laces made out of paracord instead. You'll get 4.7 feet of sturdy 550 paracord and a choice between seven different colorways. Keep in mind that they're intended for the eyeholes on boots and hiking shoes.

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On Your Belt: Zippo Paracord Pouch

This small woven paracord belt loop pouch was designed to hold your EDC Zippo lighter perfectly, but it's also the perfect size for holding small items like coins as well.

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In Your Survival Kit: Survival Grenade

The paracord Survival Grenade packs in survival essentials into a tiny package. It comes with a knife, foil, tinder, a flint firestarter, and fishing tools. You can also use the carabiner it comes with to hook it to your gear.

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On Your Water Bottle: Paracord Water Bottle Handle

This braided paracord handle can be wrapped around your EDC water bottle, making it easier to carry. The design tightens to fit your particular bottle of choice, and the handle itself features a quick detach buckle. This means you can move it out of the way quickly when it comes time to take a sip. You'll find a firestarter, emergency whistle, and compass built in as well.

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On Your Camera: DSPTCH Paracord Camera Strap

If you EDC a camera, you know how important having a reliable strap is. DSPTCH's paracord camera strap system grants you that with ultra -strong paracord that you can unbraid when the situation calls for it. If you don't want a large shoulder strap, they make a smaller wrist-sized version that you can pick up instead.


How do you incorporate cordage into your EDC? What do you think of the ideas in this guide? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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Paul Tobeck ·
I put a cobra weave on the handle of every bag I have, backpacks, Maxpeditions, etc. Haven't gotten to my new Yokun Outfitters sling pack, yet. Handle feels naked without it!
ThreePercenter ·
lol... no.
Widiati Surya ·
Good idea. It's not just an accesories. Like this ;-)
Andy Daniels ·
I bought a couple of "one size fits most" bracelets that actually didn't fit, but instead of thinking they were worthless buys, I put them on as anklets instead. They work great, especially under long pants.
Andy Daniels ·
Another way I've found to EDC paracord is actually an earbud wrap. Get a nondescript earbud wrap piece (not the one you plan to use for your earbuds) and wrap a hank of paracord around it and tuck it into itself. Most earbud wrap pieces go on keychains too, so there's an extra mobility accessory there.
Jacob Allen ·
Has anyone here ever unwoven any of these options. I'm curious how effective they would be for quick emergency use if you have to sit down and spend 5 minutes untangling it.
Johan Bertilsson ·
You can also use braided paracord as gunsling. I have two one is on my Pietro Beretta 16cal side by side shotgun. Om is on my Browning. 308 BAR light. Always good to have some extra cord when you are out in the forest.
Todd Brogowski ·
What is that bit of metal on the shoelaces?
Taylor ·
RattlerStrap striker plate
Zeony ·
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