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Rugged Material Ultimate Leather EDC Belt

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Rugged Material Ultimate Leather EDC Belt

We've said it before—normal belts are boring. Sure, on the surface they're just pieces of leather and metal that keep your pants from falling down. But as EDCers, we can—and should—find utility on every piece of gear we carry and wear every day. Rugged Material know this well, and have set out to give you a leather belt unlike anything you've seen before. Not only is the EDC Belt built like it can hold up pants made from steel, but it comes with the extra functions and features that bolster your everyday carry.

For starters, the EDC Belt comes in a hefty cut of leather. At 1/4” thick, it's nearly twice as thick as off-the-rack leather belts at the department store, giving you the durability for daily wear to last a lifetime. The thickness also gives the EDC Belt the space for a concealed stash pocket, a zippered 7” compartment for your smaller essentials. A nickel-plated solid brass buckle gives the belt a classic look with a long-lasting finish, which you can remove should you prefer an old favorite or need a different style. Not that you'd be lacking in that department—at 1.5” wide the belt does triple duty as a formal, casual, or even duty belt thanks to its classic design and heavy-duty construction.

Don't get caught with your pants down. Pick up the last belt you'll need from Rugged Material at the link below.


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blueumbrella ·
After joining the Mission Belt Kickstarter project several years ago, I have completely switched over to racket type buckle mechanism, which provides the greatest flexibility, and ease, in tightening or loosening the belt. There are a number of companies now making the racket buckle/belt now, but I am completely sold.
ThreePercenter ·
I googled racket buckle and nothing came up. what are you talking about?
Shane ·
Ratchet perhaps?
blueumbrella ·
Sorry. Try Mission Belts, the brand I use. Amazon also sells them. Yes, I misspelled "ratchet". Wish they had an edit option on the comments, for guys like me.
ThreePercenter ·
oh I figured you either meant those or some sort of other new belt that used a ratchet strap system. I just like the nylon rigger ones. I use a 'Vedder Holsters Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt' myself.
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