New city, new EDC needs

Chicago, IL
Moved from Orange County, CA to Chicago, IL. My EDC needs are different now. This is now working out really well for the things that are always on my immediate person. The only thing that will probably change in the near future is the Anker Soundbuds Slim will be replaced with the Zolo Liberty+ fully wireless in-ears when I receive them.

I was a little resistant to the Keysmart Rugged at first, as they're almost overly trendy to have. But, after handling a bunch of other different key organizers, it's the one I'm going with. I'll continue to see if there are others I like (I'm very picky about what I like).

The Edwin Plus wallet/binder clip style money wallet is odd, but I like it a lot so far. I used to have a really compact no-name magnetic money clip front pocket wallet, but after about 10 years, it came apart. I don't like the elastic band style money clip wallets. I like the Fantom wallet, but it's expensive and the money clip seems like it'd stick out and scratch other things in the pocket. This has a weird "money stem" to hold cash. It's not fast as a magnetic money clip. But it's interesting.

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