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KeySmart Duct-Ling

Mikey Bautista
KeySmart Duct-Ling

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Whether you're reinforcing your gear, performing quick fixes around the house, or field repairing your clothes and equipment, nothing comes close to the versatility of duct tape. The problem is, duct tape comes in bulky rolls that are anything but convenient to carry. You know KeySmart for their ability to compact a disorganized keychain into a sleek package fit for an EDC, and with the Duct-Ling, they've figured out duct tape, too.

While there have been attempts at making duct tape easy to carry—like wrapping it around a card or pen—the Duct-Ling keeps it simple, as the most effective things are. It's a machined stainless steel cylinder with smooth, raised ends that keep the tape in place and neatly wrapped. These ends let the Duct-Ling sit alongside your other essentials without fear of damaging them, and a keychain hole on the top let you attach the Duct-Ling as you see fit to your keychain, bag, or a suspension hook.

It's got enough room to hold about 1.5 feet of tape, which is plenty for emergency patch or repair jobs. And thanks to its stainless steel construction, you can reuse the Duct-Ling for a lifetime, letting you make the most out of those huge duct tape rolls you're forced to leave in your emergency kit or toolbox.

Stick to the simple solution for carrying one of the most useful adhesives you can have in your kit. Pick up the Duct-Ling from Amazon at the link below.

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Joel Mark Gentle ·
So I'm going to pay $20 for 1.5 ft. of duct tape on a key ring ? Thought it was a neat idea when I first saw it but why can't I just wrap 1.5 ft. of duct tape around a 3/4 inch bolt, drill a hole through the top of the bolt, clip it to a key ring and call it a day ? I will spend about 75 cents.
Britt ·
I'm with you, this is a nice idea, but, I'd never get it wrapped as pretty as that and $20??? Your bolt idea sounds like a much better solution.
jason flook ·
Think I will stick with it wrapped around half a old credit card
Britt ·
Yeah, I'd never get it wrapped pretty. I like the above posters bolt idea, but I'll stick with the credit card method!
Shane ·
Yup that's what I've done too, got some narrow stuff and wide on old cards in my back pack.
Raven ·
I use a cotter pin. Slide a tiny split ring on first then wrap. I usually have about 3 ft of duct tape on my key ring. The cotter pin makes the smallest core I have been able to come up with. Bonus - free if you already have cotter pins and tape. 😎
Justin Metcalf ·
This is not the keysmart product. Their website has one but lists at $10. A rip off like mentioned in other posts but the post is not accurate.
Brian ·
I think this costs so much because EDC is becoming a fashion trend. I like the idea of a free-rolling dispenser, though. The bolt idea is more of my price range. (And fashion)
Nick Beale ·
Old credit card + a hole punch and you've literally got something just as useful and actually less bulky. If you somehow manage to wear it out a replacement is free... I'll spend my $20 savings on beer.
Chris ·
Available for $4.99 at the Keysmart website right now!
Justin Metcalf ·
I have a few duct tape wraps that i made with a small piece of paracord. I just looped it to attach to my keychain. Like less than a penny of cord. Maybe a nickel in total material.
Richard ·
i've read a tip a year ago about an old plastic pen, cut the right size, string through it and roll that tape around a few times. Carried something like that around the last year and it helped me out a lot. Made it from junk lying around the house...
ThreePercenter ·
I would run out of this in minutes. So many things to tape...
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