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Champaign, Illinois

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Travis Blake ·
How well do you like that pocket shiv? Pretty well built?
Has pros and cons. Hard to attach to Molle and belt loops when it is attached I have not had any issues with it falling off when properly secured. With that said when you do deploy the shiv the shell and sheath become a little lose and need to be resecured to ensure another reliable deploy. It's is harder to sharpen, but it work great for light cutting task and fits well in a close fist as if your going to punch in a self defense situation. The blade ita self is sturdy and holds an edge well once out get it to sharp. It's also has stood up to quite a bit abuse. This item has served me well in areas I need more discretion as well as does not come across threatening in normal work environment. If I ever lost this I would definitely rebuy one. I hope that answers your questions Mr. Blake