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Kizer Feist

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Kizer Feist

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As much as we love gear that's jam-packed with features, sometimes less is more. Especially when all it takes for a good EDC knife is a combination of the right materials and a unique, functional design. Case in point: the Kizer Feist, a collaboration with knife designer Justin Lundquist. Equipped with some of the finest materials around on its handles and blade, it's an elegant expression of utility-driven simplicity at a great value.

The Kizer Feist definitely does more with less: it's a compact knife at only 3.625” when closed with a blade length of 2.875”. That sub-3” blade not only helps pass even the more stringent local knife restrictions, but it also cuts like a bigger knife thanks to its sharp edge spanning the entirety of its modified wharncliffe geometry. The Feist also uses an excellent blade steel in CPM-S35VN, commonly found in high-end knives for its toughness, sharpness, and edge retention.

While the Feist might look like a two-handed gent's knife, it's actually a bona fide flipper. Instead of a rear flipper tab, the Feist deploys as a front flipper by way of slight jimping on the spine of its blade. By rolling your thumb from the top of the blade around the pivot to the back of the handle, you can either quickly flick the knife out or slow-open for a more discreet deployment. It's a uniquely functional design choice by Lundquist that keeps the streamlined silhouette of the knife without sacrificing access.

As another welcome addition to a smaller knife, the Feist locks with a frame lock between its matte 6AL4V titanium handles. The backspacer and included pocket clip are also made in matching titanium to bring a clean aesthetic overall backed by durability and light weight. For a high performance, minimalist gent's knife that comes in at well under $200, check out the Kizer Feist at the link below.

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Mike ·
This happens to be one of the nicer gentleman's knives I've seen here in a while. I liked the style enough to go to the Amazon.com site for a look. The price looked manageable but Amazon.com will not ship this item to my address in Canada. I then took a look on the Canadian Amazon site and of course it's not available... sigh... Oh well, at least it looks pretty in the photos.
Have they fixed the issues with it yet?
lieferung ·
They have not. Bladeforums has an ongoing thread that is supposed to be updated by Kizer/Justin when issues are fixed.
Robert Razavi ·
Which issues?
lieferung ·
The main issue is poor machining in the pivot causing gritty action. Other issues include rattling due to the floating stop pin (only occurs when the blade is between open/closed state), and overly stiff lock (hard to disengage).

I've also not seen it reported but my specimen, while free of gritty action, does seem to have a loose pivot screw.
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