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Hows that DPx knife working for you ? I'm thinking of getting one myself.
Love it, great steel of course but the mechanism really works well and it's even fun to twirl. I got a chance to use the help wrenches to hold a bolt in place. Found this on eBay used but in box. It's a sheep's foot and there is a skinner as well and that's beautiful looking. Can't go wrong :)
Hex wrenches....
That phone case looks pretty cool. How well do the individual tools work? Any thoughts on the individual pieces?
Thanks. I don't like bulky but I dropped my phone one too many times and found this to be a good midway point. The tools are surprisingly tough and usable. Tweezers are Uber aggressive. I started out with the Pen, Griffen tool, Tweezers and the knife which is a really decent knife. I would add it to my micro survival kit if I did not already have the spyderco honeybee. I later bought the flint and magnesium as well as the screwdriver. All reasonably price and all I feel perform at or beyond the level of expectation. I liked the companies ingenuity so kind of felt good about getting the tools... It was the case I was worried about but it's slim. You can YouTube a bunch of reviews. Happy hunting :)