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Top 5 EDC Multi-tools Under $50

Top 5 EDC Multi-tools Under $50

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When you're putting together your own EDC, you've got a budget to follow. Especially when you're starting out, there's a daunting list of gear to buy and it can get pricey. It's easy to think it would be too expensive to add a full-size multi-tool to the mix. But it might surprise you that you don't actually have to break the bank to carry a quality EDC multi-tool. What's more: you don't have to settle for small niche form factor tools that only have limited use cases. A lot of the best and most popular multi-tools carried by our community fall under 50 dollars. In this guide, we'll show you the best everyday carry multitools you can pick up in this budget category.

Best Affordable Multi-tools

Leatherman Wingman
Victorinox Spartan
SOG PowerAccess
Gerber Dime
Boker Tech Tool 3

L: 3.8" Wt: 7.0 oz
L: 3.6" Wt: 2.1 oz
L: 4.1" Wt: 5.90 oz
L: 2.75" Wt: 2.2 oz
L: 3.8" Wt: 4.16 oz
14 Tools
12 Tools
18 Tools
12 Tools
12 Tools
Carry: Sheath, Clip
Carry: Lanyard
Carry: Clip
Carry: Keychain
Carry: Clip
Pro: Reliability
Pro: Tool design
Pro: Fast access
Pro: Portability
Pro: Blade steel
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Leatherman Wingman

If you're looking for a traditional clamshell multi-tool that will last you for ages, the Leatherman Wingman is for you. For many, a Leatherman is the be-all-end-all of the EDC multi-tool world. Their tools are synonymous with quality and practicality. Take one look at the Wingman and you'll see why. It fits 14 different tools and functions into an affordable pocket-size frame. From the needle nose pliers to the assorted screwdrivers it has it can handle any task you throw at it. A pair of versatile and easy-to-use spring-loaded scissors rounds out the mix.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan

Victorinox Swiss Army is another trusted and traditional name in the EDC multi-tool world. And if you're looking for a multi-tool that doesn't look too aggressive but can still get the job done, the Spartan is for you. It has everything you need to get you through the day, work or leisure. It comes with two sizes of knives, a bottle opener, and a can opener with screwdrivers built in. But the Spartan also has a corkscrew, and with it you can be the most handy person to have around at the next party.

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SOG PowerAccess 2017

If you're looking for the most efficient tool to do the job but not looking to carry around huge bulk, take a look at the SOG PowerAccess. Their unique compound leverage system makes tough plier tasks easy to perform. Because of it, no other line of multi-tools allows you to grip as much with less effort as a SOG. And with the PowerAccess, you get that technology in a compact frame that weighs less than 6 ounces. Despite its size, it's still fully equipped with 18 different easy-to-access functions built in.

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Gerber Dime

If you're looking for a tiny and inexpensive multi-tool to round out your everyday carry, the Dime is it. It's a popular choice because it fits 12 different tools and functions into a light 2.2 ounce frame. It even includes a pair of scissors in the handle for delicate work not fit for a knife. It's small enough to fit on a keychain if you want to carry it that way, too.

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Boker Plus Tech-Tool City 3

If having a quality blade on your multi-tool is your top criteria, look no further than Boker Plus Tech-Tool. It has the best knife out of the other tools on this list. Its composition is excellent, featuring durable and sharp 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel construction. Its hollow-ground 2.8" blade can deal with your everyday cutting and slicing tasks. But while it feels like a folding knife, it includes useful EDC multi-tool features as well, including a proper pocket clip — something you don't see too often on multi-function knives in this class.

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What's your favorite budget multi-tool for EDC? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Leatherman Sidekick and SAK Cadet Alox are my go-to multitools. Never understood the love of scissors that people have in multitools. A nice sharp blade does the exact same thing and usually faster. I've actually needed the saw from the Sidekick than I've ever needed scissors.
I agree with the Cadet Alox. It is edc perfection but I have to say I often pair it with a Vic Classic for the scissors. Can't get a stray nose hair with a knife!
LOL! That's why you pluck them!
Those cheesy tweezers on an SAK can't handle manly hairs! Scissors FTW!
My Personal Favorite is the Victorinox Compact - the scissors or so useful - and in a pinch the Ball point Pen works. It has become my Go to EDC tool. I hardly ever carry any of my other Knives on a day to day basis.
Agreed, this model is my favorite as well. I just wish it didn't turn itself sideways in the pocket all the time.
Same as me!
I have to force my self to use the other models as well :D Perfect urban EDC Multitool!
I like the wingman and keep it in my office bag for when I need scissors or pliers. It's good to know I have something robust when I need it. The blade is easy to open and sharp but seems a little thin. Good overall. I carry the boker on the weekends. Pocket clip is a plus. Blade is thick and sharp. The only thing I would change is swap the corkscrew for a Phillips head. Highly recommend.
I'm a big fan of Leatherman tools. I carried a full size Leatherman (now a discounted model) for years that has been retired to my junk drawer at home. I've picked up a Wingman which is lighter and smaller to carry every day. I find myself using these tools all the time. I believe in investing in quality tools because with Leatherman , you really get what you pay for.
The Gerber Dime is certainly less expensive than my Leatherman Squirt ES4.
I wonder whether there is so much difference in quality.
Maybe we could do with some comparison reviews?
Apologies if you already have.
The Dime and Squirt are definitely similar, but what gives the Dime a slight edge in terms of functionality (not quality) is the tweezers. I wish more multitools had them! You never wish you had tweezers more than when you find a tick on your arm... thats the biggest detractant for me getting an alox Victorinox or any of the Leatherman Squirt series.
My favorite is the wingman, it's just the perfect size for me. I really like how sharp the knife is and I really like the scissors. The only thing I don't like about it is the wire cutters, and I think the box opener is a wasted tool. It's still my favorite though
Good selection.

One thing I have found is if you are going to be traveling in Europe the multi-tool to carry is one that has a bottle opener and a cork puller. They don't have screw tops on their bottled drinks over their so the bottle opener will come in very handy as will the cork puller if you like wine.
I love my Gerber Travel Dime. It's not a Leatherman, no. But I have tradtional tools for serious jobs. The Dime can handle most of my EDC needs. I prefer the Travel version because I have strict knife laws in my area, but honestly, I think knives in butterfly multitools are just not that useful. I love the Dime's size when it is closed, and how it transforms into a decently large multitool. It has a really good weight as well--substantial, but not a lump of lead either.

I have a Victorinox Midnight Manager that I've had for 15+ years, and that is wonderful because it is so tiny that its blade isn't a problem. I like that it is so light and minimalist. It doesn't have pliers though!
Oh I should also mention that the Dime's bottle opener makes a great place to hang it on your keys. I don't need a gazillion bottle openers and this one makes a really good place for clipping it to other things.
Still in the market for something smaller/lighter than my Leatherman Wave, which now rides either in my backpack or molle-attached to the side depending on which bag I'm using. Not really looking to go with another clamshell multi-tool as I haven't found one light enough that I believe is durable enough (Wingman-had one for 6 months and sold it) or has enough functions (Skeletool).
I really like Swiss Army knives, carried the basic Scout model for 20 years, but can't seem to find one now that meets my criteria, so maybe some of you have suggestions.
My tool requirements besides blades and the pre-requisite bottle/can openers are good-sized scissors, a saw, phillips driver (preferably top deploy) and a corkscrew.
The SAK Explorer is the closest to everything I want, except it has no saw and it adds the nearly useless plastic magnifier. The SAK Fieldmaster has the saw, but loses the far superior top-deploy phillips driver and moves it to the bottom in place of the corkscrew (I do use the corkscrew occasionally, but mainly want it for keeping the micro slotted eyeglass driver in place.) The bottom mounted phillips driver works OK in wide open situations, but loses value for me as at work as I have several machines I work with and the screws that need tightened are in some tight places.
I've been eyeballing the Boker Tech Tools as an option, mainly for the upgraded steel blades and the Alox handles, but none of them really have all the tools I'd need. Would be nice if Victorinox gave us an alox option on all knives. I don't mind the regular scales until the start coming loose, and if you use any SAK knife hard, they will come loose.
I realize I'm being very picky, but if anyone has an option that I haven't seen, let me know.
Check out the Victorinox Compact. It doesn't have a Dedicated Phillips but I Keep tools in my Truck and another Full sized Multi-tool in my Bag.
Consider Leatherman Juice CS about 2/3 size of Wungman or...
Look at the 111mm Victorinox models such as Hercules (2 phillips, long/short shaft) or the Tradesman.

Of course all these will be over $50 mark, expect $75-$85 price range.
Actually in the larger Victorinox, I was considering the Outrider. It's a bit out of my price range at the moment, but has everything I need/want. I would have to handle it in person to see if the size is comfortable. Wish they would put belt clips on the larger Vics like Boker does.
The Boker Tech Tools have G10 or carbon fibre scales, which, like the blade steel, are a significant upgrade over Victorinox's offerings.

The Boker 7 has everything you're looking for (superior blade, saw, scissors, flathead driver/bottle opener, corkscrew), save for a dedicated can opener—and I'll bet once you pierced a can with the awl or main blade, the serrated half-hook (designed to cut seat belts safely, with a flat profile Phillips driver on the tip) could just zip around the can top.

For me, the deciding factor was that strap cutter and the glass breaker (I EDC the Tech Tool 2), in case of emergency. That's a capability Victorinox only offers on the $100+ Rescue Tool.

Four layers may be a bit chunky in your pocket (though the pocket clip will help), but if you were considering that Fieldmaster...
The 7 is really close, and on my consideration list. The lack of a dedicated/longer phillips is the only drawback. I'm not sure why manufacturers haven't started implementing 1/8" bit holders into tools like these. I don't really feel the need for a glass breaker, so if they replaced that with an 1/8" socket so I could drop in a bit/extension, we'd be getting close to perfection!
You may want to look at the Victorinox Huntsman, though it missed your criteria on the philips head as it doesn't have it...
Victorinox fieldmaster. Two blades, scissors, saw, bottle and can openers with screwdriver tips. There's a philips on the back side along with the awl and hook. It is four layers thick but still fits the hand well. Has your tool requirements (apart from the philips being on the back rather than in line) and smaller/lighter than a pliers based multitool.
Victorinox fieldmaster. Two blades, scissors, saw, bottle and can openers with screwdriver tips. There's a philips on the back side along with the awl and hook. It is four layers thick but still fits the hand well. Has your tool requirements (apart from the philips being on the back rather than in line) and smaller/lighter than a pliers based multitool
I ended up getting a used Vic Explorer on ebay. It was rough with a slightly bent plate, tools that wouldn't snap and loose scales. Took about 2 hours straightening the plate dent, a thorough scrubbing with brake cleaner (wouldn't believe all the dirt/grime that was in there!), lubing and sharpening and now I have a nice carry knife for about $15 bucks shipped!
I carry the leatherman crunch
It's worth the extra money