Theatre Tech Essentials

Working in theatrical design and construction, I need to be able to flow back and forth between work in the wood shop and meetings with producers. The Lamy pen is used to sign checks, and the space pens are used to mark wood. The bullet kept in my pocket, and the Cap-O-Matic clipped to my shirt. (You can never have too many pens.) The beard comb helps with quick sawdust removal from my face and hair before a face-to-face with our administrators, then it's back to the grind. The Victoronox is a must for cutting flight line or punching through costume leather, and the sodbuster Jr. is excellent for whittling out quick shims so I don't have to trek back to the shop from the stage. All of my design notes are taken in the Molskine, while notes in the fly happen in the field notes dot paper--great for quick grid scale drafts. The turtle is fantastic for stripping wire in the light grid on the fly, and the Swiss+Tech is clutch in tiny spaces. And, of course, I never go anywhere without the 3M microfiber cloth. Wiping down my glasses and phone after hours of sweating and throwing sawdust is indispensable.

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Randy Stiles ·
I like the addition of the Lamy. Not enough people rock a good FP in their EDC...they need to be paired with a quality papered book.