My alternate set of EDC items...

Singapore, Singapore
Tend to carry these when I'm making a short day trip out of the city...

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How do you like the Trayvax Axis? I just featured them in my blog as one of our Top five EDC wallets, we love them. https://gatsbyandbootlegger.com/blogs/news/holy-grail-of-wallet-carry-top-five-edc-wallets
I see a lot of these pouches on here. Do you carry them on your belt or something? I like your choice, just curious how you carry it.
Hi, Thanks for liking! The pouch actually has a variety of ways u could carry...first there's the Molle snap button straps which u could just loop over your belt OR you could loop your belt or a separate strap thru the Molle system (on the back) and finally, if u wish to just have it "hanging loose" (vertically) u could use the quick-release snap fastener thats attached to one end of the pouch...so its actually pretty versatile!!