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Craig A Wildfeuer Jr
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
I have never been a big fan of single stack sub-compacts, but I felt I should have one in my rotation since I spend a lot of time driving and I carry appendix. The Shield handles like a duty sized firearm and only weighs about 26oz loaded.

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ThreePercenter ·
How do you like the pixel? I was going to wait for the pixel 2 but ended up getting an s8. Great phone, but I feel like I should have waited.
Craig A Wildfeuer Jr ·
The Pixel is sweet. I have been using it for almost a year now and it hasn't failed me yet. I made it part of the Android Beta Program so I am running 8.1 now. Wait a little longer on the Pixel 2. There are still issues they are ironing out.
ThreePercenter ·
yea, I want the XL, but I invested in an s8 instead so it will last me for a while. At least a couple more years then hopefully google is still making phones. I got a discount on the s8, otherwise I would have just gotten the XL instead. But the s8 was half the price. Nice phone, but it's no pixel ;)