Cyclists Backpack / Everyday Carry

Kerim Kutay Topkac
Student (age 24)
As a cyclist and also tech user, this is my everyday carry. Simply, I could go wherever I want and complete my stuff with this carry. If you want any review or recommendation about any item that I have, please ask. Thanks guys.

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S Tejada ·
I'm a simple person.I see a NiteIze DooHicKey, I upvote.
Kerim Kutay Topkac ·
I see your simplity, I upvote.
Andrew Casel ·
Dope wrench
Kerim Kutay Topkac ·
My life saver!
Billy ·
Dual powercores, packing some serious phone/electrics usage! Sweaters are also EDC now! Joking with you, good setup dude
Kerim Kutay Topkac ·
dual powercore because me & my girlfriend hangout together and she did not care about that, so, I have to carry for myself plus for her, btw, TY
Miguel Coelho ·
Are those wireless earbuds good? Im thinking of buying ones
Kerim Kutay Topkac ·
Anker soundbuds are wireless, yea they are fine, not perfect but in this price point this is beyond good.
Mehmet ·
15 lik Anahtar ne diye lazim ya kardes :)
Kerim Kutay Topkac ·
Fixed gear bisiklet kullaniyorum, tekerlerim mandalli degil 15 somonlu dostum