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Lionsteel SR-11

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Ed Jelley
Lionsteel SR-11

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The “Overall Knife of the Year” award is not a bad title to have attached to your new EDC blade, and that's exactly what the Lionsteel SR-11 is. This high-end production flipper beat out the rest thanks to its top marks in utility, design, creativity, and feel. At just over 8 inches when open, this knife has some serious presence both in hand and in pocket. The SR-11’s aggressive styling adds a unique visual appeal, while ensuring a solid grip thanks to the machined ridges all over the handles. The blade is ready to open right when you need it too. The flipper mechanism is complemented by a set of ball bearings that ensure quick and smooth deployment of the blade.

The SR-11 features a lengthy 3.7” blade that measures in at a hefty 4.5mm thick. It’s made from Sleipner 60-61 HRC tool steel, which is similar to D2. The benefits include chip and wear resistance, and the ability to hold a sharp edge. On top of the blade, you’ll find an aggressive swedge. This design element makes piercing tasks easier by slimming down the front of the blade. Near the pivot, the blade maintains its 4.5mm thickness to retain both durability and stability. It's the best of both worlds in one blade.

The standout feature on the SR-11 is the Rotoblock system. Right in the middle of the frame lock is a circular disc. With a quick turn of the disc, the frame lock is held down in the locked position. Essentially, it’s a lock for the lock - ideal for those who want an added level of security in their folding knives. While the frame lock is already one of the most secure knife locks, the Rotoblock improves on an already solid mechanism.

Finishing touches on the knife include a recessed lanyard hole, reversible low-profile pocket clip, and minimal branding throughout. The Lionsteel SR-11 is available from Amazon in a sleek grey titanium finish and includes a leather carrying sheath. You can pick up one of these robust, yet sleek EDC flippers at the link below, or in other colors direct from Lionsteel.

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