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Hamzah Iqbal
Student (age 21)
Great kit, the messenger bag works very well to lug everything around, it has loads of organisation. The use of a maxpedition organiser is a great way to keep smaller items organised and out of the way. Usually carry this alongside a laptop or a tablet for day to day commutes. for longer commutes I swap out the messenger bag for a bigger backpack

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ThreePercenter ·
love those direct action bags. I have a 'Ghost' for one of my loads and I also recently discovered a brand called Triple Aught Design that is on the more expensive side, but well worth it for their mission capabilities. They also have a bag called 'The Dispatch Bag' that is like this messenger bag you have.
ThreePercenter ·
oh... and always carry a towel.
Hamzah Iqbal ·
the whole range of Direct Action bags are brilliant in terms of price to performance, however waterproofing them yourself is a good idea because they seem more rain resistant than rainproof as in my experience the inside did get damp when I first took it out in bad conditions. With TAD I think its all about if you can justify the purchase, if you can they seem brilliant..... but I cant at the moment :p. Its worth looking at the German Mountain troops rucksack, its dirt cheap and I have taken it in loads of trips domestic and abroad, its very hard wearing