In my backpack to work

Kijoong Kim
S. Korea
+ galaxy S8 smart phone that taking this photo

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ThreePercenter ·
How do you like the headphones? How is the battery life?
Kijoong Kim ·
not too short, not to long just soso
but i dont like its sound quality
What's the grey tool that's perpendicular to the S-Biner?
Kijoong Kim ·
accessory of leatherman charge tti.
lanyard ring.
exchangeable with pocket clip that is attached to charge tti above
Ah, makes sense. Thanks for answering!
Andrew Casel ·
Thoughts on the knife? Pros and cons. Thanks
Kijoong Kim ·
Pros : neat design, low price, build quality, appropriate size for EDC
Cons : heavy, blunt blade, no ring for lanyard, little bit hard to open with one hand
Andrew Casel ·
Thanks. I share the same sentiments
Andrew Casel ·
I can't seem to find that exact same lighter. Help me?
Andrew Casel ·
it's so beautiful. Bring me home one when you come to Philippines for beach vacation :D
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Kijoong Kim ·
FYI I'm not a safecracker
ThreePercenter ·
That's what a good safe cracker would say.