In my backpack to work

S. Korea
+ galaxy S8 smart phone that taking this photo

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How do you like the headphones? How is the battery life?
not too short, not to long just soso
but i dont like its sound quality
What's the grey tool that's perpendicular to the S-Biner?
accessory of leatherman charge tti.
lanyard ring.
exchangeable with pocket clip that is attached to charge tti above
Ah, makes sense. Thanks for answering!
Thoughts on the knife? Pros and cons. Thanks
Pros : neat design, low price, build quality, appropriate size for EDC
Cons : heavy, blunt blade, no ring for lanyard, little bit hard to open with one hand
Thanks. I share the same sentiments
I can't seem to find that exact same lighter. Help me?
it's so beautiful. Bring me home one when you come to Philippines for beach vacation :D
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FYI I'm not a safecracker
That's what a good safe cracker would say.