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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Knife

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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Knife

It used to be that a proper gent's knife was an investment, if not a “grail” status part of any EDC. After all, the materials and design it takes to produce a sleek, EDC-worthy knife don't usually come cheap. That's why Massdrop's latest collaboration with Ferrum Forge is as impressive as it is exciting. The Gent Knife boasts high-end materials and utilitarian features in an attractive design that won't break the bank at under $80 shipped.

The Gent is small, lightweight, and stylish, ticking all the boxes for a modern gent's knife. At a modest 3.6” closed and weighing only 2.4 oz, it shows a sense of streamlined ruggedness thanks to its bold, sweeping lines, ever so slightly curved edges, and unobstructed blade and handle. Aesthetics aside, this knife is much more than a shelf queen, built with a slew of high performance materials throughout to handle formal, casual, and heavy duty carry.

Instead of an ebony wood or micarta, the Gent opts for a more modern-day material in smooth G-10 scales, providing excellent grip to the knife's 6AL4V titanium handle. Not only is the handle made from titanium, a favorite metal among EDCers for its excellent strength to weight ratio, but it also houses a frame lock mechanism, something you typically see on high end, high priced knives. Last but not least, a two-way reversible deep pocket clip allows for discreet, ambidextrous, tip-up carry. Between the G10 scales and titanium frame lock, the Gent is already shaping up to be an impressive little folder. And that's just the handle.

Just because this is a gent's knife doesn't mean it shouldn't cut with the best. The Gent does it with a blade made of CPM-S35VN steel, a premium steel renowned for its toughness and sharpness. And it does it quickly, too, by way of a flipper tab opening that secures into the aforementioned titanium frame lock. The blade's geometry is also well-suited for general EDC utility thanks to its drop-point shape, flat-ground edge, and 3” length. It's the sweetspot of having enough cutting length without becoming unwieldy or even restricted by some knife laws.

Perhaps the best thing about this knife is the sheer value of it all. Thanks to the participation of over 1000 knife enthusiasts, the Gent is available to pre-order on Massdrop at $79.99 with free shipping for the next five days. If you've been pining for a performance gent's knife, don't miss your chance to grab the Gent at this price and check it out at the link below.

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Craig A Wildfeuer Jr ·
Just got mine from MD today, and I am really impressed with the quality of this knife. The only gripe I have isn't with the knife, but with the accessories. It was listed that it would come with a microfiber cloth, but it came with something more resembling a restaurant or banquet hall napkin. The carry case is nice though.
That is a beautifully slick looking knife and the price is great too! Only wish I could carry it in these parts, otherwise it would have been a no brainer.