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Olight M2R Warrior

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Olight M2R Warrior

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We talk a lot about flashlights around here. That's because there's always something new to talk about with how fast technology advances. But as we've seen in their past lights, Olight somehow manages to push the envelope in exciting ways that continue to surprise us. With their latest release, the M2R Warrior, they took the best parts of all their models and produced an everyday light that hits all the right notes. Whether your'e wielding it for EDC or need a powerful partner for tactical applications, the Warrior is ready for duty.

At its core the M2R Warrior is powered by an 18650 battery, giving it the power and runtime you would expect from a modern light. Paired with the latest Cree XHP35 HD LED, you get up to 1500 lumens on Turbo for a little under 2 hours (with a step down to 700 lumens after 3 minutes) or up to 25 days on its 1-lumen Moonlight mode.  These and its modes in between are navigated via Olight's simple and effective side-button interface.

The M2R's tailcap is where things get interesting, as Olight have packed both tech and tactical into it. You can access Turbo and Strobe at the push of its tail switch, a stainless steel button which doubles as a magnetic charging port(!) compatible with Olight's chargers and docks, letting the M2R play nicely with the rest of the family.

The rest of the M2R's features add a few nice layers of icing to an already delicious-looking cake. If you're a flashlight enthusiast, it's hard to find fault with what the light brings to the table. A choice of cool or neutral white tint. Full compatibility with standard 18650 batteries in addition to the 3500mAh one it comes with. Magnetic charging with an included cable. IPX8 waterprooofing with its ergonomically-knurled aluminum shell. A thick, stainless steel pocket clip that's not only dual-facing but also dual-positioning for tip up or down deep carry. And if that's not convenient enough for EDC, it even comes with a lanyard and holster.

Olight has done it again, cramming every feature you could want from an 18650 light in the M2R Warrior. Pick one up for yourself at the Amazon link below.

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Greg ·
I carry my M2R Warrior in a Tale of Knives leather belt sheath. I can't say enough good things about this light. If you're on the fence about getting it, jump off and get it. Simple as that.
Ethan ·
I see flashlights getting smaller and as they get smaller they get brighter. I have an Olight s1 mini baton it is the smallest and brightest little light I ever saw. I have two Olight products they are my favorite flashlight brand.
my nitecore concept sucks
Jed Edwards ·
what don't you like about it?
my streamlight protac 2l is brighter then its advertised 1800 lumen output
Jed Edwards ·
okay, but is there anything specific about the Nitecore that you don't like?
Matt ·
Can we get some love for the Armytek lights? Got a Partner C2 pro that I'll take over this any day.
Ethan ·
I have never herd of of that brand. I did go and check them out. I might have to buy one to diversify my flashlight collection.
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