City Bound Outdoorsman EDC

A tried and true selection of affordable, durable gear that covers my bases in both the city and the outdoors.

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HammerandDreml ·
Howdy, Matt. I'm really digging your EDC; you've got a great mix of useful items --some of my favorites-- in a great color way. The green canvas, brass, and orange really bring it together.

I've got a couple questions if you see this and don't mind helping me out. Firstly, is that a mora eldris is like a little moraknife fixed blade, right? Secondly, Where on earth did you manage to ascertain your brass split rings and gate carabiners? I've got a great collection of copper and brass accoutrements and I'd like to keep them organized in a matching fashion. So far I've been using a copper pocket clip from Etsy and a brass Maratac screw carabiner. Thanks in advance. :)
Hi, I'm glad to hear you like my EDC. First off the Eldris is a little fixed blade. This is actually second one I've bought. I also have red one ,and I have put it through its paces for sure. The spine puts off plenty of sparks with a ferro rod and does a great job making wood scrapings to take those sparks. I have batonned the heck out of the little guy, and I must say I'm amazed how well it stands up to it. The steel is supposed to be Sandvik stainless, and it holds it's edge very well, in addition to showing no signs of rust even though I never do more than wipe it clean. I liked my first one so well that I got another in green to match my color scheme. The basic model is only 23-25 dollars on amazon, depending on color, and there's very little I can do with a full size Mora that I can't do with my Eldris. I have carried more expensive knives in the past, and while I've never lost or broken any of them, I've come to prefer carrying cheaper but equally reliable knives most of the time in case something does happen to them. The brass split rings I sadly must say I scavenged off of other keychains I had laying around, and I wish I had more of them myself. The brass carabiners I got as a pair on eBay a few years ago, and they're banded "AMEON" on one side. They came from china I believe, and while they were quite affordable and of good quality, they did take about a month to arrive. I like them and have had no problems with them at all. I like copper and titanium as well, but I love brass and have stuck with it as my metal of choice. At some point I'd really like to upgrade to a brass or bronze watch, but most of them are just way out of my price range, so it may be some time before that happens. I'm happy you like the color scheme as I tried a lot of different ones before I finally settled on this one. I really like it, and will probably stick to it for quite a while.