Fall 2017 Light EDC

Cameron St Peter
EMT (age 25)
Bucksport, Maine
Not pictured is Jeep/House key on a leatherman carabiner that came free with my leatherman sidekick.

This is my typical "pants and a t-shirt, running to town for a few hours" loadout.

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ThreePercenter ·
That holster scares me. It should scare you too.
Cameron St Peter ·
It's a pocket holster that fully covers the trigger guard. The picture may be deceiving, but I assure you It's fine.
ThreePercenter ·
the issue is not covering the trigger, it's the integrity of the trigger guard while unholstering and reholstering. Too many times I have seen these kinds of holsters start to fold inwards. Same with leather holsters. Does it have a hard plastic inside or kydex?
Cameron St Peter ·
It's pretty rigid. To be completely honest, I would not 1-handed reholster into a pocket regardless. All of my IWB/OWB holsters? Sure. Not this application though.