Armenian Prince A.B.E.

Pocket dump on an average day. All black everything (almost)! My most used possession is without a doubt my Vic Pioneer with custom blade. Almost to an OCD level I never am without it. Second to that is my Rollei 35s, one of the most underrated street photography cameras. I've shot several print ads with that bad boy. Super small, built like a tank and has the coveted 2.8 Zeiss Sonnar lens.

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Love the Rollei, not seen one for years
Wow.. that Rollei's pretty sweet. Not often I get to see it next to every day items.. I'm thinking about taking another look at buying one now.. lol my Fuji's and Yashica are getting bulky. Do you have any tips as far as picking one up?
Way to use an abuse that Damascus steel Victorinox Pioneer! It's always good to see people actually using their gear.
Thanks for sharing!