Walmart Special EDC

Effingham, IL
My EDC is mostly pretty common, cheap and efficient items. The older i get the less i like spending money. I use a binder clip and a rubber band as my wallet. It does a great job at holding all my cards and money and it costs next to nothing. I love the 4 in 1 pocket screwdrivers i use them all the time prying, poking, screwing etc and costs about $3. My watch is a cheap Casio $10 special. It keeps good time, i can see it in the dark and it has the day and date. My knife of choice is the Ontario Rat 1 about $20. I like it because its cheap, sturdy, full size handle, flat ground blade, holds an edge and takes a good sharp edge. I like my Pixel phone and i try to use it for notes and an emergency flashlight. My phone is the only non-cheap item but these days its hard not to have one and its worth paying for quality here. My Swiss Card about $30 is a very useful item and my wife and kids are always asking for one of the tools on it.

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BigOrangePA ·
That Wal-Mart screwdriver is a must-have item! Haha, hard to find anything out there better. I used the Stanley tag, also, but I've never actually seen the Stanley in person...
Good, solid carry. Thanks for sharing!