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Zelos Abyss 2 Dive Watch

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Zelos Abyss 2 Dive Watch

Whether you’re heading into the depths of the ocean, or just doing some desk diving around the office, the Abyss 2 by Zelos is sure to get the job done. Nearly every feature on the Abyss 2 is over-engineered to be the best that it possibly can. Zelos takes the standard dive watch specs (like water resistance, lume, domed crystal, and a sturdy case) and amps them up to the next level.

The Abyss 2’s 43mm case is made from a marine-grade copper-bronze alloy, a material that’s commonly seen in aquatic applications. The material, case design, and helium escape valve allow the watch to obtain its 3000M water resistance rating. No really, you read that right. The Abyss 2 has a water resistance of 3,000M. This is 10 times the amount commonly seen on a dive watch. Let that sink in.

The case will also pick up a patina over time — starting off with a look similar to rose gold, then eventually fading to a rich, golden brown. To increase legibility, they’ve engraved the hour makers extra deeply, allowing several layers of the super-luminous paint to build up. The result is an extra bright and long-lasting glow. The Abyss 2 also features an internal 12-hour rotating bezel that can track an alternate time zone. The dial is protected by a domed sapphire crystal and finished with a lume-treated rotating outer bezel.

The watch stays ticking thanks to an automatic, reliable, Swiss-made Selitta movement. The standard model features the SW-200 movement with second hand, while The Turbine model features the SW-260. In place of a seconds hand is a running-indicator sub dial. And instead of a traditional elongated watch hand, there’s a disc with a propellor on it that rotates as long as the watch is running. It’s a nice design touch that further emphasizes the Abyss 2’s oceanic theme.

While most of the Abyss 2's design calls back to its deep-diver roots, a special edition version of the watch has a dial that's literally out of this world. It's made from the Muonionalusta meteorite, which landed over a million years ago in Sweden. It adds an exotic, one-of-a-kind texture to the watch. The standard configuration of the watch comes in either a black, blue, or green dial as well, with the Turbine version available in black or blue.

This tank of a dive watch is now available for pre-order, due to ship in early December of this year. The watch starts at $569 and goes up to $799 for the meteorite version. You can pick one up at the link below.

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I'm a fan of rugged dive-watches as long as they remain as simple as possible in their aesthetic. This piece definitely has the toughness and performance I would appreciate. And it's a handsome watch as well. The lume on the outer bezel markings is particularly sweet.

However, there's still some elements in the design here which add unnecessary 'clutter' as far as I'm concerned.

~running indicator sub-dial (no thank you)
~rotating 'propeller' instead of a simple extended second-sweep hand. (No thank you--keep it simple please)
~second inner bezel for alternate time zone. (Why do I need a second-time zone on a dive watch? This means an extra/unnecessary crown protruding at the 2 o'clock position).
~meteorite? Do I really need my wristwatch made from a hunk of ancient meteorite? A clean, simple face is a must. Readability is #1.
~Is the outer bezel a one-way bezel? Seems to me the knurls on the outer bezel cut be cut a bit deeper for better grip...

What I'd like to see:
~screw-down crown with lock, as on a true submariner's watch
~I'd rather see just one crown only (at the 4 o'clock position, or even at the 10 o'clock position on the left side of the dial! Less chance of catching the crown on anything)

Still, for the price this is a real honey. Bravo.