Finals Carry 2017

Christopher Lindsay
Lexington, Kentucky
This loadout has the essentials for day to day life as a college student during finals week and nothing more. A mix of budget and quality gear that gets the job done time after time.

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Billy ·
Nice EDC! What's the key with the Spawn eyes?
Paul Tobeck ·
How do you you like your Ganzo? Smooth out of the box or did you have to tweak it?
Christopher Lindsay ·
Honestly, it's a great knife. Mine was very smooth out of the box but had poor alignment. Once tweaked, however, it has perfect alignment and is very smooth. While I normally am opposed to look alike knives, the idea of an axis lock PM2 sold me!
Paul Tobeck ·
I'm trying to decide between the 729 or the 727 Rat 1 copy, might get both :). Waiting for Amazon to get them in stock in black G10.
Rogier ·
The leather, brass red and green looks cool together.