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The new light, which I love by the way is...The Maratac Copper PCL is a limited batch flashlight of just 888 lights. It comes with charging head and charges via micro USB.


Length: 1.6" Diameter: .74"‚ Weight: 38.8 Grams - No Battery
Battery weight 9 Grams
Comes with extra o-rings
LED Type: Cree XP-G2 S4 with a life span up to 50,000 hours. ( Newest & Brightest Emitter )
Orange Peel Reflector for a smooth even beam
Recharge Time is 30-100 minutes - depending on charge rate source
The reflector is aluminum alloy.
Flashlight body is made of Copper ( Buttery Smooth )
Battery is 14250 Lithium Cell 280mAh
The lens has been treated with a AR (Anti-Reflective) coating.
Its proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one 14250 battery that provides 2 levels of brightness (Low / High).
Twist on for Low
Twist 1/2 turn more for High

Using a single 14250 battery results were:

Low mode, 15 lumens output for up to 9 hours

High mode, 305 lumens output for up to 40 minutes

Includes Complete Kit:

1x Lithium Rechargable Battery
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Charging SS Head With Charge indicator
1x PCL Light Solid Copper Head & Body
4x Spare O-Rings

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Beautiful Omega, love the vintage watches.
I got a copper PCL a few weeks ago. Weighs a ton compared to the TIP I was carrying, but man it's pretty...
You can get one on Amazon. Just search
Second Amendment 1 oz .999 Copper Round.
You sure do love copper. It looks good. Can I ask why you chose copper?
It a living thing. And constantly changes as you carry and use it it can develop a patina and then depending on what you use it for how you carry it you can end up having a polished appearance. You and I could buy that 2nd Amendment coin on the same day and get them at the same time and you and I can both carry it for 6 months and yours will look totally different than mine and that's the magic of copper.