My First EDC!!!

Entrepreneur (age 25)
Los Angeles, CA
I am very passionate about the EDC world and decided to do my first post! These are the items I have been carrying for a very long time.

Lmk if ya have any questions, as I would be happy to discuss / share experiences!

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Aren't photos of your keys a security risk?
I didn't realize that was something to be concerned about. Thanks for the heads up
Great looking EDC!!
IMO the Timex Weekender is one of, if not the best affordable watch one can buy. It’s so simple and just looks great. Awesome setup!
Yea the weekender has been really good to me. Its simple clean, easy to read and inexpensive. Thanks!
One key! I wish I could do that!
You have a very well thought out EDC. I'd like to know more about your keychain choices. I've not yet found a good solution for me.
Very nice!