Winter Carry

Military (age 35)
Fort gordon

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The drop tray is really nice. If you made that, great jod.
Thank you, I made it out of some scrap wood I had in my garage, and part of a broken chair. I will probably make a nicer in the future when I have the proper tools and materials
ThreePercenter ·
That stand is awesome. Did you make it or can I buy one too and steal your style? It's perfect.

I have never, NEVER, seen a gun post get featured here but really hope yours does. The stand alone deserves it.
Thank you. I made the stand myself out of some scrap wood, and even part of a broken chair haha. If you search around the internet you can find similair ones for sale (most places call it an "edc caddy") but they cost up to 200 ish dollars, which is why I opted to try and make my own.