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Mike Lally
Project Manager (age 49)
Fairport, New York
I started to minimize my EDC in 2017. I had been carrying various heavier flashlights, a SOG Twitch II, and a bulkier wallet. I love the Kershaw Hops and the Olight S1 puts out a ton of light - perfect for finding the dog when he runs off into the woods. I take the Skeletool with me on road trips or when I know I am going to be all-day at a field hockey tournament. I just got the Fenix and it is a beast. This will come with me on any trips that take me away from home for extended time periods. I also like the heft of the Hobo Coin. It stays in my pocket when I am doing any kind of public speaking - I use it like a worry stone. Plus the design is beautiful.

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Hoang Anh ·
i have the same exact wallet lol
John Silvela ·