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Teacher (age 32)
Rochester, NY
This EDC was created after a year of messing around with different tools and EDC items. What you see here is exactly what I use on a regular basis. I used to carry a lot more but it was getting cumbersome and I wasn't using it nearly enough to justify the carry. I also used to wish for the expensive flashy items out there, but I found that this very affordable EDC set up does everything I ever need to do without breaking the bank. My biggest tip for EDCers is to find the tools and things you actually use, or that really benefit you on a daily basis. don't just get it because it's cool or flashy. Once you have ascertained what tools you need then go cool all the way! Or just stay simple and cheap like I did! I also didn't include the car and house key, cause that's obvious, and the photo was taken on a Pixel 2, the only EDC item I will go over the top with.

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Ok I need to know...did you really pay over $1000 for the backpacker space pen? It's selling on amazon right now for $1,053+
Well, it was only $1057, after I got approved for the Amazon Credit card!

Nice! I did say this was supposed to be an affordable EDC so sorry about that!
Seriously though, for some reason that was the Amazon link that automatically generated when i posted here. The real price was 16.99 here is a link to it but i think it went up a bit. https://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Space-Pen-Backpacker-Silver/dp/B017GFR9XC/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&%3Bie=UTF8&%3Bqid=1515388018&%3Bsr=1-2-catcorr&%3Bkeywords=fisher+space+pen+backpacker&tag=bg999-20

that was funny! thanks for clearing that up!
lol no worries! I still think that much for a pen is crazy unless it wrote in gold lol. :D Thanks for the link update