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Olight ION

Jonathan Tayag
Olight ION

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Keychain flashlights are one of the best ways to EDC a light, but their size often limits what they can do. It's hard to fit the features and ease of use you get from a traditional light when it has to fit on your keys. The Olight ION is different, packing twin LED power, unique and easy to use controls, and premium materials in a slim and compact body.

The ION is a compact LED flashlight that has an attractive titanium alloy frame. And at around 2.25 inches long and weighing only 1.13 ounces, it won't add unnecessary bulk to your carry. Unlike other lights, theres no complicated twist activation or button presses to turn on the ION. A simple on-off switch on the side controls the dual CREE XP-G3 emitters at the front. Those two LEDs work with the TIR reflectors to give you a large hotspot that’s especially useful for illuminating wide areas.

The best part about this light is how easy it is to control output. There's a touch-sensitive panel at the top that lets you set the light to your desired brightness. There are four stepped levels to choose from, ranging from an economic one lumen to a max of 320 lumens out the front. The controls are also covered in Corning Gorilla Glass for protection against the daily bumps and scrapes they'll encounter while attached to your keys.

At its max 320 lumen setting, the internal Li-Po battery will last you 27 minutes of run time. Dial that all the way down to the one-lumen setting and runtime increases to a full 90 hours of use. But wherever you are on that range, you can easily recharge the ION because it is micro-USB compatible.

With the Olight ION, you get a special light for your EDC that's a step above. Elevate your keychain light carry and pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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Felipe Mendoza ·
It looks as if you can easily accidentally turn it on with that side switch? But very cool
320 lumens on a keychain, that’s impressive! I’ve gotten away from having accessories on my keys as the excessive size and weight annoy me. I’d rock this light in a small edc pouch though!
ZombieLivesMatter ·
You should see the Foursevens MKII turbo, it's the size of a chapstick and has a rechargable 168hours runtime and 1020 lumens, it's on my keychain. It's the same price as this.
I like flashlights and this incarnation is no exception. This flashlight looks like it would be handy to carry and fit my grubby little palm very well. I like the simple side switch and the Corning Gorilla Glass over the + - output controls. While I'm not fussy on various power levels, that's not an impediment to owning one of these. I figure all a person would have to do is set it to a desired level and leave it there. Unfortunately there is one stumbling block that stands in the way of purchasing one of these, Amazon.com doesn't ship this item to Canada and Amazon.ca doesn't have them listed. 😥
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