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Trending Gear: December 2017

Mikey Bautista
Trending Gear: December 2017

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it's also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you're also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what's trending right this second.

Last month, you were interested in really unconventional keychain items, Swedish knives, a swivel-head flashlight, and more. Let's see what you all were checking out this month.

The Most Popular EDC Gear from December 2017

10. Victorinox Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker

17 hardened, useful tools for anything your day can throw at you. MacGyver-approved. Decades of utility and reliability. The Deluxe Tinker is all of these and more, and comes in strong as last December's most-viewed multi-tool. Whether you need something plied, cut, driven, tweezed, opened, or hooked, the Deluxe Tinker will always have your back.

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9. Karesuando Kniven Singi Fällkniv Natural

This Swedish knife has all the hallmarks of a classic, traditional knife. Its curly birch handles not only give it a natural feel and house its lockback mechanism, but give it that extra touch that make the knife heirloom-worthy. Manual opening via a nail nick deploys the knife's 3” drop point blade, letting it play nice with local laws. And for added flair, the Singi Fällkniv even comes with a braided leather lanyard and leather sheath.

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8. Citizen BM8180 Eco-Drive

The innovative (and extremely convenient) Eco-Drive movement has been powering Citizen's watches for over four decades, so it comes as no surprise that it's behind some of their most popular models. The BM8180 is simple, but efficient, featuring a clean, numbered dial with nice touches like a red second hand and day/date window. The 37mm screwback case gives it 100 meters of water resistance, while its woven strap completes the field watch look.

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7. Zero Tolerance 0450 Sinkevich

Last month's 6th-most viewed item is this Zero Tolerance collaboration with knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich. When a high-quality manufacturer pairs with a custom knife designer of this caliber, you know it's something special. And here's what you get: a high-performance titanium framelock flipper with a sleek, 3.25” blade in no less than S35VN top tier steel. It's compact, ambidextrous with its reversible clip, and even features some touches you'd normally find in custom pieces, like stylish colored backspacers.

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6. Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen

While machined pens over the years have taken to slimmer profiles, sometimes you just want the feel of a beefy tactical pen. And few pens look and act the part like the Investigator from Rick Hinderer. It's got all the features EDCers would like, from its screw-on cap, copper, precision-machined shell, and its use of Fisher Space Pen refills. The Investigator's deep grooves give it its signature look and grip, letting this compact pen pull off its double duty of pen and self-defense tool while still staying compact enough for EDC.

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5. Morakniv Eldris Fixed Blade

You may recognize the Swedish Morakniv brand name from their hugely popular fixed-blade outdoor knives. But it's their much more compact Eldris—a 2.2” fixed blade in the same design language as their larger offerings—that takes December's 5th spot. Like its larger brothers the Eldris features textured rubber handles and a protective plastic sheath which the knife locks into for a compact package suited for neck carry. The 12C27 stainless steel blade is razor sharp with a square-edged spine that doubles as a striker with firesteel. The best part: this versatile knife comes in many colors at an inexpensive price point.

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4. Titaner Titanium EDC Toothpick

A new and interesting contender appears for December's most popular gear. Likely appropriate for the holidays, Titaner's titanium toothpick lands on the month's 4th slot. Sure, most times a toothpick is just any old piece of wood, but despite its humble beginnings you can tell a lot of thought has gone into Titaner's offering. From the smart use of hypoallergenic titanium to an actual notched handle to a protective keychain case, this is probably the fanciest (and most useful) toothpick you can add to your EDC.

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3. Rofis R1

In our opinion, L-shaped flashlights don't get the love they deserve, especially with how useful and comfortable they can be to use. That said, you definitely showed love for this Rofis R1, a light that starts off as a straight shooter but comes with a versatile tilting head for angled tasks. On top of that you get 900 lumens off its included RCR123A battery, magnetic charging, and even a magnetic base to add to its versatility. If you've never tried an angled flashlight before but can't commit to an L-shaped offering, the Rofis R1 asks: “Why not both?”

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2. Yoogo Self-Defense Keychain

Security-minded readers pushed the the Yoogo self-defense keychain to the 2nd slot for December, showing how an inexpensive tool—when well-designed—can be a multipurpose force multiplier for both carrying and protection. The unique shape lets you use the keychain as a fidget tool, as a keyfob, or even as a more ergonomic grip for heavy loads. And of course, its shape lends itself to self-defense needs during times of emergency.

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1. WEDGE-IT Door Stop

You won't believe what the most popular item from December is—heck, we still can't believe it either. The WEDGE-IT is likely the most well-designed, over-engineered door stop you never knew you needed, to solve a problem you never thought you had: effectively keeping doors open. It's able to hold doors open to 90 degrees from any position, offering versatility when needed and easy storage when not. Whether doing some spring cleaning or making a big move, it's an underrated tool that may come in handy during the most unexpected times.

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Robert Lee Martinez ·
Someone asked about carrying a door stop:
I work at a hospital and we recently went through an active shooter safety training. We were issued door stops and door stops were hung from each door knob in the hospital. That wedge style door stop is just as good at keeping a door closed as it is keeping a door open. Wedge it in while the door is shut and the person on the other side has to really work at getting it open.
Mikey Bautista ·
Oh that's a really interesting application! Does it hold up really well with someone, say, throwing their full weight into a shoulder charge into a door?
Andrei ·
Happy owner of Zero Tolerance 0450. By the way, Dmitry Sinkevich is Belarusian, so am I))
Perfect design, perfect materials, perfect feel.
Nate ·
As a person who grew up obsessed with watching and rewatching MacGyver episodes when they ORIGINALLY aired on TV, I find the gross phonetic misspelling of the man’s name disheartening. :)
Mikey Bautista ·
Sorry about that! I keep making that typo even after having spelled out Mac's name hundreds of times. All fixed now. :)
Nate ·
No worries! BTW, I forgot about that SAK model. Thanks for the reminder!I wish I can get a SAK the size of the Pioneer X with just the scissors, Pliers, blade, and can opener.
Efrain Suarez II ·
Jesus. #2 so does not look like a self defense tool. LMAO!
J.S. Leonard ·
It isn't. It is poorly designed and won't inflict pain on anyone who wears clothing. Buy a kubaton or a Sharpie. Both are better options over a Yoogo.
Joe Mann ·
I would like to share with you folks some facts about holding any door open with any type of a wedge. There is only one place you can safely hold a door with a wedge and that place is between the door and the floor, preferably as far from the hinged edge as possible. If you place a wedge or anything else between the door and door frame you run a very good chance of damaging the door, door frame or the hinge you placed the object closest to and maybe all 3.
Kenny ·
Why would you EDC a door stop?!
Robert Lee Martinez ·
I work at a hospital and we recently went through an active shooter safety training. We were issued door stops and door stops were hung from each door knob in the hospital. That wedge style door stop is just as good at keeping a door closed as it is keeping a door open. Wedge it in while the door is shut and the person on the other side has to really work at getting it open.
Kenny ·
That's life saving! I see it now. I guess it's great for someone working there.
Fred Rye ·
What is the name of the knife next to the WEDGE-IT?
Mikey Bautista ·
It's the Fox Knives Dart.
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