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this is my winter time carry set up when I have more pocket space but most if not all items are carried regularly regardless of the weather, just need to be creative how to spread it out

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J.S. Leonard ·
Brother....As a former team medic and combat veteran let me give you some sound advice. Ditch the RATS tourniquet and replace it with a CATS. The RATS is a nightmare to use in real world situations. It requires the user to place it perfectly in position or else it fails on top of that is not a certified tourniquet. The cats has proven to be faster and more effective coupled with the fact that it is a certified tourniquet. New if you want to stake your life or the life of another on a gimmick or because for some reason you feel it's easier to carry then Rock on but my professional opinion lose the RATS.
Mark ·
Good to know thanks man. I usually keep a NAR CAT Tourniqet in my EDC bag that's always relatively close by. I have received formal training on CATs both in a classroom and under stress while shooting. I honestly don't know if I trust the RATS 100% that's why a CAT is always close by to stop the bleeding enough to apply a second tourniqet. however I'm working on setting up a good ankle medical kit where I can carry trauma shears, nitrile gloves, quickly and my CAT
Mark ·
*quickclot and I meant so I can get to the CAT
J.S. Leonard ·
Good stuff! I can't emphasize training training training and then when you think you've got it down get some more training. Too many people go out and buy all the whiz-bang gear but have no clue on how to use it. So good work great job man keep it up and always get more training. As always, Be the champion at your own game of life and GITCHUSUM!!
awesome thanks for the encouragement man and I'll keep up with training and no how. you're definitely right about gear junkies with no skill set, I see it a lot and it's kind of scary