Around the Shop and Out on the Town

I was recently asked what I was carrying by urbanedcsupply.com for a Maker Spotlight, so I thought I would share with you all also!

I generally tailor my EDC to where I am going to be - light and discreet when going to formal meetings, heavier and more robust for wilderness, and somewhere in between for in the shop or around town. Today's pocket dump is the latter.

In my opinion, a good knife is the most important item anyone can carry, so I always start there. I am carrying one of our own custom Wharncliffes with a double thumb ramp, liners, linen micarta and a custom ambidextrous sheath from Skinbender Leather Works. I am also carrying a satin STK as my backup knife/multitool. Next, I am a big Four Sevens guy and generally carry two, along with a Leatherman Charge Tti, Fisher Bullet Space Pen, and bit driver card. I also carry a Mini ML-X on my keys along with some duct tape and some other backup items. A lot of people have recently moved to phones for keeping time, but I still love having a dependable watch. I have a definite appreciation for the expensive ones out there, but for me personally, nothing beats a simple Timex Weekender Chronograph as it has all I need and I won't lose my mind if I break it. I also have a Tuffwriter Precision Press pen with Vehement Knives Apocalypse Wash finish, a custom Zippo, and a Zeroz wallet. I usually have a backpack with me for the rest of my EDC, but that would probably be a few pages of writing to go through that one!



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