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Zootility RNGR Ultra-thin Folding Knife

Mikey Bautista
Zootility RNGR Ultra-thin Folding Knife

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You think you've seen it all when it comes to knives, and then something like Zootility's RNGR comes along. It's got the proper size, ergonomics, and even cutting ability of any EDC blade, until you turn it on its side. At only 0.125” thick, the RNGR is almost impossibly thin. It's one of the most EDC-friendly knives you can carry, and it's got even more tricks up its very narrow sleeve.

For starters: the RNGR isn't even held together by bolts or screws. Zootility calls it “steel origami,” with the RNGR's two pieces designed to interlock as well as disengage with ease. This means that if you accidentally leave the knife on your person going through security, the blade can be forfeited with a simple twist, which you can then replace later to restore your knife to its rightful place in your EDC.

The pieces themselves are made from 440C stainless steel, rust-resistant and robust, and easy to maintain. The steel also gives the knife some cutting heft while still maintaining a 1.4 ounce weight.  The 2.2” blade comes with a combo edge, with the straight section having a bit of belly tapering into a tip for long slices when needed, while its serrated edge takes care of the heavier tasks.

Thanks to its size and design, it couldn't be easier to carry the RNGR. Slide it into any pocket, slip it into your wallet, hang it off a carabiner, the options are limitless. You can even pledge for an extra clip if you want even more options for EDC. There's a little under two weeks left to grab Zootility's ridiculously thin knife for yourself, so head over to the Kickstarter link below to pick up a RNGR with your choice of extras.

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I see in the first pic the knife is shown with a compass, map and a whistle. This begs the question, while the knife is really cool looking how big a hunk of wood can you baton with it? 🤔
John Caputo ·
What’s the compass?
Look to the left of the knife in the photo. There is a bright orange SOL whistle and next to that a round compass. These are sitting on a map.
Frank Mahon ·
I think he's asking who makes the compass. I would like to know as well.
John Caputo ·