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Victorinox Vx Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-On Duffel

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Victorinox Vx Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-On Duffel

Traveling may be fun, but it isn’t easy. Long lines, bad in-flight movies, and getting the middle seat make finally getting to your destination that much sweeter. Luckily, Victorinox has been trying to make the experience go a little more smoothly with their Touring line of bags. The Swiss company might best be known for their legendary Swiss Army Knife, but they've brought those same EDC values of functionality and versatility to their bags. With their new Vx Touring 2-in-1 Carry-On, you get the best of both worlds. It's a bag small enough to carry when exploring a new city, yet large enough to fit everything you need for a few days away from home.

Frequent flyers know the quickest way out of an airport is to stuff all your gear into a carry-on. The less time you spend waiting at baggage claim, the better. This 43L bag is perfectly sized to fit everything you need and still fit in the overhead compartment. If you do end up checking it, the signature diamond pattern on the Touring helps the bag stand out from the pack at baggage claim. Helping you locate the bag quickly so that you can get on with your trip.

A good bag shouldn’t slow you down or get in the way. It should conform to whatever you’re doing, which is why the Touring 2-in-1 is part-backpack, part-luggage. Wheels on the bottom and a pull-out handle are perfect for rolling around the airport while waiting for your flight. But in the zippered pocket on the back are two ergonomic straps with sturdy buckles that clip into place, for when going on foot makes more sense. You would think sturdy wheels and a handle would weigh you down, but the bag still manages to weigh only 6 lbs.

Giant, hardshell luggage cases have their place, but when it comes to an EDC backpack organization is key. So even though the Touring 2-in-1 can hold a lot in the main compartment, there are still plenty of pouches and pockets for keeping smaller essentials organized. Along the inside of the bag is a zippered mesh pocket so you can keep toiletries and other small items from causing havoc every time you need to reach into your bag. 

You’ll also get a smaller mesh pocket along the side for stashing more valuable but less frequently used essentials while you’re traveling, like the currency in your home country or your house keys. Rounding out the organization is the zippered front pocket, which is large enough for any-sized laptop so you can get through security without needing to repack your bag on the other side. All this is kept safe from rough baggage handlers and tears thanks to an abrasion resistant polyester fabric construction throughout.

If you find yourself bringing back a few more souvenirs than you expected, the Touring 2-in-1 has a zippered expansion for extra space where it counts. Even when filled to the brim you won’t look like you’re carrying a turtle shell thanks to adjustable compression straps that maintain the shape of the bag. Just feed the metal hooks through the grippy, rubber loops and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one bag for your next adventure, the Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-on Duffel might be the way to go. Whether you’re a frequent flier or go home once a year for the holidays, this versatile bag checks all the boxes. Check it out at the link below.


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