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Brooklyn, NY
I cycle everyday--sun, rain, snow, etc. It's about 7 miles to my office + all of the other places I want to explore.

I keep it pretty simple--I ride a fixed gear (this city is pretty flat)--so there isn't too much that can go wrong with my drive train.

A friend gave me this Poppin pencil case that conveniently holds necessary tools for basic roadside assistance of the standard things that can go wrong.

The zipper pull mod on the pouch is because I have a thing about my gear adding sound pollution into the world (nothing broke).

My rear light is fixed to my bike, I lost my front light, so I've been running the headlamp until I decide what I want to do next. I love the USB recharge battery available for the new Pertzl Tikka. I haven't found a need for more than 200 lumens unless I want to go spelunking or try some serious night time MTB.

I LOVE the Bell Super 3R helmet. I was really bummed about replacing my last helmet when the time came. This helmet has not let me down. It has managed to fit everyone comfortably who has tried it on and the option to put the chinstrap on when I ride BMX is a massive perk.

There are two items that are not pictured because I thought they needed explanation:

1. Westone Custom Musicians Earplugs
*Do not ride with the full blocks in
If you have do not have hearing loss and you're in a city with noise pollution like NYC, the 15db filters are an amazing tool. They take the adrenaline-spiking-edge off of horns and sirens and you can still hear the J-walker who's pushing the baby stroller out in front of you into traffic.

2. Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
It is illegal to ride while wearing both headphones in this city. Know the laws of your local municipality, as this is a finable offense.
I rarely listen to music when I ride, but sometimes I need some good jams. The right earbud works independently. Its a totally cordless system, and the box holds its own charge and recharges the earbuds. Contrary to the Apple version, they're beautifully designed (it doesn't look like the Pink Panther stole your chord).

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