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Trayvax Summit Notebook

Mikey Bautista
Trayvax Summit Notebook

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When it comes to rugged wallets built to withstand both daily use and the ravages of time, few manufacturers have made their mark as well as Trayvax. With robust materials paired with USA-made fit and finish, their products have become mainstays in many EDCs. Now they've set their sights in leveling up the rest of your essentials with the Summit Notebook. Built to work with the original Summit minimalist wallet and with a few useful tricks up its leather sleeve, the Notebook is a one-stop shop for keeping your essentials classy and consolidated.

Trayvax's Summit wallet was designed to be as lightweight and efficient as possible: nylon webbing secures up to 8 cards and folded cash in a 3D-stamped steel frame. The Summit Notebook turns the wallet into a sleek leather journal, using its webbing to lock it into the left side. On the right side there's space for a compact notebook and EDC favorite Fisher Space Pen. The leather itself is chestnut-colored oiled latigo cowhide leather that's combination-tanned to be flexible yet durable.

Its left panel sports an ID window that gives quick visual and access to the top cards on the Summit wallet, while its right side houses a stash slot for extra cash or essentials. The included compact notebook uses paper from another EDC favorite, Rite in the Rain, making use of its all-weather performance, and down the Notebook's spine is the pen slot to store the Fisher Space Pen. The whole package without cards or cash weighs 3.36 ounces, making it as pocket-friendly as possible while still maximizing its included essentials.

“Buy it for life” is the name of Trayvax's game, with generous lifetime warranties to ensure quality and satisfaction for their products. Compact and protect your essentials (and ideas) with the Summit Notebook bundle at the Amazon link below, or if you're already using the Summit Wallet, level it up with just the Notebook sleeve available here.

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G Allen Riedel ·
This is a great idea and a super cool way to turn your Summit into a way to carry a note pad and Space pen. I purchased one and quickly added it to my Trayvex Summit. I used this combination for just a couple of weeks. Great concept, just not for anyone that works outside in the humid heat of South Texas. I originally purchased my Summit because I needed a perspiration resistant way to carry 6-7 cards.The Summit does this better than any of the other plate style wallets/card holders on the market. (I tried them all). I found the Summit notebook holder too bulky. It now sits in a drawer and I carry my Summit like it was originally designed.
Really wish some of these companies would start offering non-leather options.
Nikolaus W Matheis ·
As a 25-year vegetarian, I completely agree.