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Darren Tong
Self Employed (age 37)
Elk Grove, California
It's been a good few years since I post an update of my carry. Overall it has not changed much in set up. My new ZT0393 just came in and I figured it was time. The knife I carry from day to day still changes as needed of course. For the past year I had been mostly carrying my ZT0801TI unless change was needed. New phone (my last post was nearly 3 years ago and had a iPhone 5s in it). I dropped the Fisher bullet from my carry because the way I carried it had its issues (nearly lost it a few times). I buy traditional knives once in awhile. Added the side draw sheath so I can finally put some of them to use. Added a Nitecore Tip 2017 to my carry. Good power for littler space. These are all just minor changes 3 years later. Thanks for checking out my post!

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Justin Miller ·
Nice loadout....2 of my favorite all time I knife brands...do u use that bracelet often
Darren Tong ·
Thanks! Actual use, only here and there. But it has been with me everyday for over 3 years and it was there when I did need it.
Robert Razavi ·
Nice! You really wear that bracelet? Or just tuck it somewhere for using when needed? Always wondered about these "EDC bracelets", are there really people who like the look of that on their wrists? 🤔
Darren Tong ·
Im one of those people. I have been wearing the tread for 3 years. It felt heavy for the first couple days but i quickly got used to it. I dont even feel it on my wrist anymore. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it. Alot of people are usually curious about it.
craig b ·
Side draw...hmmm. I never use my slip joint knives. Maybe this would be a good solution. I gotta know. Do you wear shirt untucked or tucked?
craig b ·
I love your EDC by the way. EDC is like a glimpse into personal decision making, and it changes by culture, geography, interests, budget, etc. All very cool.
Darren Tong ·
Thanks man. I wear my shirt untucked. I wear the side draw on my left because it would get in the way of my zippo on my right. It has worked out for me so far.