March 2018 EDC - Organizer

Kevin J Meyer
Bookseller (age 26)
Basel, Switzerland
PLEASE NOTE: This is not my "on-person", but my extended (Tier 2) EDC. The 'Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer' holds all the gear I use on a daily/weekly basis, which don't necessarily have to be obtainable in a pinch.

I keep all my (work) pens organized on the left side of the pouch, as well as some lemon towelettes and a few band aids.

The right side of the organizer is dedicated to my personal care/ hygiene. And features, amongst other tools; a mouth spray, lip balm, towelettes and a nail clipper. Since I work in a comic shop, professional and clean appearance is a must.

I store the gum / Fisherman's Friend in the mesh pocket on the outside of the pack.

An 'Opinel' and the new 'Olight i3T EOS' will find their spot in the organizer in the feature as well.

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