Metallic EDC

Los Angeles, California
Digging my Gus Micro for daily supps or small items. And using my polished S Mini more often now that I got a magnetic tailcap from an S1.

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Pretty stylish how you arranged that great line-up!
I can really identify with that! Never got a space pen, though! And probably gonna sell my Zippo solid Ti and get at Sebenza Doppler 😍
... Actually looking for my da Vinci coin now, cause he's THE master!
Haaaaaa! nice! love that Da Vinci coin. thanks for the compliment. Im looking for a more discreet knife myself like the quiet carry. those look rad
I love this! Great carry. What kind of camera do you use?
Hey! Thanks Craig i use a Sony A7 with the kit lens.
Cool website, by the way!!! Much respect. I do not have the artistic genius for stuff like that!
oh you checked it out! thanks Craig ! I appreciate it :-D