Sought-After Silver Carry

Motorcyclist (age 26)
McAllen, TX
Spending time looking for a timeless carry has a tinge of irony but it all dialed down to not settling and really understanding my needs.

Each item had to meet a certain criteria, I list them by my personal importance.
1. Price- Inexpensive enough to not be afraid to use or lose the item but has high value.
2. Finish- The items must look like they belong together.
3.Function- The items are reliable do what they need to do while having unique properties.

I learned a lot from really pursuing this carry and I encourage other enthusiasts to do the same. It is a challenge a lot of things you'll want will not exist or it is ridiculously over priced.This carry did not happen in a short time frame. It took me an entire year and a few items that just didn't make the cut.

I implemented a small program for myself. Every time I get paid I'll purchase an EDC item. In the gap between the checks I would spend the time to really shop around the competition and make a firm decision on the purchase.

One Final Note
My personal favorite thing about this mini project is the Silver. These items will see a natural patina come their way and to see the clean reflections bend the atmosphere around them is always a reminder that the world is all about perspective.

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