New EDC,

Charlotte, North Carolina
This is my new everyday carry; went from a G19 to this wonderful new Sig P320.
The other stuff is you basic stuff just about everyone else has on them; keys, phone, spare mag, what have you.

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Looks like either a compact or carry grip module with a fullsize slide on the P320? How do you like that combination?
You are correct, it's the compact med grip frame on a full size slide. The whole gun is a little longer than the G19 I've been carrying for the last 2 years or so, but I think it carries much nicer than the G19 did.
I like it way better than my G19; to me it feels better in the hand, especially since I changed the grip to the small sized compact grip (in tacticool FDE). I like the way it shoots more; I can shoot better with it than I can with the G19. Doing drills at the range with it, I can get more double taps on steel, more often, repeatedly, than I could with the G19. I think it's due to that it's just more comfortable in my hand and that translates into more accurate second round target acquisition. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Awesome! I agree, my P320 X-Carry is hands down the most ergonomic pistol I've ever held. And although I have limited experience with striker-fired actions, in my opinion it's the best striker-fired trigger I've ever felt as well. They're great pistols and the ability to quickly change the size and/or caliber without having to purchase a completely different gun was a big part of why I chose to buy one