Office Day

Stuttgart, Germany
A day in the office every now and then.

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austinpowers66 ·
I love those little 30ml bottles of Diamine are great. I recommend Oxblood and Sherwood Green for some dark but still interesting ones
JrgMyr ·
Interesting. Dark red and dark green.
Has anyone tried a brownish color like "Saddle Brown" or "Raw Sienna"?
austinpowers66 ·
I have their Sepia, which is a nice lighter brown. I put that in my parker 51 which is pretty dry, give a great vintage aesthetic. Not an everyday ink for me though
T Christopher Cox ·
Really pleased to see a fountain pen. I have a number of them and enjoy EDC'ing them, too. Diamine is some nice stuff. I'm currently using their "Regency Blue."
JrgMyr ·
Cool. I thought about trying "Syrah" or something of a darker purple.
How much do you write with the fountain pen? (Hours, pages or similar)
Kenny ·
You carry a bottle of ink in your pocket? Won't it break if you, say, trip over or something?
JrgMyr ·
The ink is in the pen which I carry. The bottle (plastic) is in the desk.
Kenny ·
I see!