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Trending Gear: March 2018

Authored by:
Mikey Bautista
Reviewed by:
Bernard Capulong
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
14+ Years Reviewing EDC Products
Trending Gear: March 2018

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it's also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you're also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what's trending right this second.

In March, it looks like you're all eager to get outdoors with overbuilt knives, rugged flashlights, and more. Let's get into it…

The Most Popular Gear from March

10. MecArmy CMP Ti Keychain Compass

If you're looking to add some survival gear to your EDC, start with a button compass like this and you're headed in the right direction. MecArmy consistently puts out quality gear including lights, knives, and even fidget spinners in a crowd-favorite material: titanium. This compass is CNC machined for that precision fit and finish, complete with a D-ring attachment and chain for keychain or pendant carry. At just 9 grams, it's a useful addition to an outdoors EDC that won't weigh down your pockets.

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9. Casio Protrek PRG-600YB-3J-JF

While Casio are best known for their G-Shock line of watches, last month's 9th most popular item reminds us that they've got some pretty robust outdoor watches under the PRO TREK line, too. The PRG-600YB is a rock-solid field watch boasting a triple threat of sensors (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature) for outdoor excursions, and a clean, analog-digital dial that also works well for daily wear. Topping it all off is 100 meters of water resistance along with a screw-down crown to complete its rugged performance.

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8. Aer Day Sling

When you have more tools than you have pockets for but don't want to be weighed down by a full-sized bag for the day's errands, then a sling is a lightweight option to carry your gear. Aer's stealthy Day Sling keeps a low profile with its sleek design, while giving you options for organization with its interior pockets. Water-resistant 1680D nylon construction and a sealing YKK main zipper ensures protection for your EDC against the elements, while an adjustable strap keeps the sling comfortable even when loaded up.

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7. Sinn 856

Where so many other watches try to make a statement with tons of bells and whistles, Sinn leans the other way with their impeccably clean, utilitarian designs. The 856 is an iconic example of that with its anti-bling bead-blasted stainless steel case, legible dial, and premium materials throughout. Under its sapphire crystal is a beautiful pilot-style face with Arabic numerals, sword-shaped hands, and a small date window for easy time telling. An automatic winding movement keeps it ticking while its overbuilt, anti-magnetic 40mm case offers 20 ATM of water resistance as well.

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6. Streamlight Microstream USB

Last month's 6th most popular item is an old faithful that learns some new tricks. Since the original MicroStream has been around a while, its 45-lumen power output may not be enough for an EDC light in 2018. The new USB model bumps up its levels fivefold, with a High output of 250 lumens for 1.5 hours, and a Low of 50 lumens for up to 3.5 hours. Output is controlled via the familiar tail clicky switch, which now doubles as a charge indicator when topping up. Charging is accessed by unscrewing a sleeve built into the USB's head to reveal the micro USB port underneath, letting you charge the internal lithium ion battery with your power bank or wall plug.

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5. Boker Plus XS

The Boker Plus XS was designed in collaboration with custom knifemaker Chad Los Banos, blending elegance with tactical cues. It features a sharp 3" clip point blade made from 440C stainless steel that's tough enough for EDC thanks to its high hardness rating of 57-58 Rc. Unlike the usual nail nick you'd find on traditional slipjoints, the XS deploys easily via dual ambidextrous thumb studs on either side of the blade. With the blade deployed, the slipjoint on the knife doesn't actually lock. Instead, the XS features enough spring-loaded resistance against the blade to keep it from closing on you when doing most everyday tasks.

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4. Benchmade North Fork

Built on heavy-duty stainless steel liners, last month's 4th most popular item is a knife to carry into the woods or around town for years to come. The Benchmade North Fork is a handsome folding knife designed for hunting, but it has all the right features to make for a great everyday carry blade as well. Its most noticeable trait is the Dymondwood scales. The North Fork’s handle is made from wood that’s been vacuum-impregnated with resin to increase durability. With the added strength from this treatment, there’s no need to worry about the wood chipping, drying out, or getting wet. The knife's satin-finished drop point blade uses S30V steel, and offers fully ambidextrous use options thanks to the AXIS lock mechanism, dual thumb stud deployment, and reversible pocket clip.

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3. 5.11 Tactical TPT EDC Light

You probably know 5.11 Tactical for their heavy duty packs and their legendary durability. Their TPT EDC Light is purpose-built on those same principles as a compact flashlight you can knock around without worry. It sports a unique side-by-side 2xAA form factor with a polymer body and aluminum head. That combination of materials gives you extra grip where you need it, impact resistance against drops, and heat management at the business end that houses a 91-lumen Cree LED. A pocket clip and lanyard attachment point make it easy to integrate to any tactical EDC.

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2. Extrema Ratio MF1 BC

Coming in as the second most-clicked item last month is the Extrema Ratio MF1 BC. This Italian-made knife has just the right set of features to tackle both tactical and emergency applications in a striking design that looks at home on Batman's utility belt. A 3.4” N690 blade, aggressive jimping on the spine, a rock-solid lock, and versatile grip give it a tactical edge. At the back of the knife, a seatbelt cutter and emergency glass breaker tip can come in handy for escape or extraction.

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1. ADV Pocket Butcher

With a name like “Pocket Butcher,” you would think that Andre de Villiers's pocket folder would be an over-the-top knife with an obnoxious design, but it couldn't be further from the actual knife's traditional style. With its D2 tool steel wharncliffe blade taking center stage, the Pocket Butcher is a function-first knife bolstered on every side by classy touches. This includes a bead-blasted groove along its blade for ease of opening, ebony wood inlays, and stainless steel handles polished to a shine. While its size keeps it compact, its style speaks speaks volumes, putting the Pocket Butcher at the top spot as last month's most popular item.

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Mikey Bautista

Director of Everyday Carry Operations

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Mikey Bautista is an everyday carry (EDC) expert who has been working with the EverydayCarry.com team for nearly a decade, starting with an interest in EDC as a hobby and ending up as a writer for the site in 2014. Through the years, he’s led the site in editorial content and writing about products across every category, from knives to bags to flashlights and everything in between, as well as discovering, bringing exposure, and building bridges with many brands in the industry. Today, he is the site's Director of Everyday Carry Operations, leading the editorial team and managing day-to-day operations.

He has lived through many personal and professional lives, spending nearly a decade in the workforce management industry, a minor career in gaming, and has lent a hand with entrepreneurial efforts back home in the Philippines. He has also been an active participant and helped build a number of significant social communities online, both for EDC and his other hobbies.

Mikey has been at the cusp of gaming, technology, and the internet since the ‘90s and continues to lend his experience, expertise, and authority to all his pursuits. When not online, in a game, or watching movies, you'll find him in the gym, speedrunning his next hobby, or talking at length about EDC with anyone willing to listen.

Bernard Capulong

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

About the Reviewer
Bernard Capulong is an everyday carry (EDC) gear expert, entrepreneur, all-around nerd, and the founder and editor-in-chief of EverydayCarry.com—the largest online community for EDC gear enthusiasts. Since founding Everyday Carry in 2009, he’s built over a decade of experience in the industry, reviewing and highlighting brands and products, including pocket knives, flashlights, wallets, watches, bags, pens, and much more.

Bernard is known for bringing everyday carry out of obscurity and into the mainstream, having been published or featured in various publications such as GQ, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, VICE, HYPEBEAST, Outside, and many others. He has also played a part in curating, designing, and developing digital and physical products, resulting in successful crowdfunding projects or limited edition collaboration products with established softgoods brands. He stays on the pulse of the EDC industry by attending trade shows, participating in online interest communities, and actively engaging with fellow gear enthusiasts on social media.

In addition to being the editor-in-chief and main social media personality for EverydayCarry.com, Bernard is an avid gearhead and collector in general. His personal collections span technical bags, fountain pens, digital cameras, retro gaming hardware, personal hi-fi audio gear, and mechanical wristwatches, to name a few. Bernard Capulong is a prominent figure and trusted authority in the everyday carry industry with a career dedicated to helping people discover this hobby and stay prepared with quality gear.

Discussion (5 total)

Chuck Dee ·
I picked up the Aer Sling after seeing it in Mike's carry. I really like it, but the vertical clearance proved problematic for carrying an A5 notebook and Samsung Galaxy S2 8" in my carry. I still use it, but have since purchased the Peak Design Everyday Sling- 5L. I wish I had purchased it in Black like I did for the AER sling, because that's what I'll probably be carrying, with the AER relegated to those times when I don't need my notebook and tablet.
Mikey Bautista ·
Hey Chuck! I had my eye on the Peak as well before ending up on the Aer. I love it to pieces, but I am jealous with the more ergonomic (read: non-fixed) and articulating strap points on the Peak. Do you find it to be much more comfortable when wearing it across your back compared to the Aer?
Chuck Dee ·
The Aer wears better, IMO. Don't get me wrong- the Peak wears well too. It's just that it doesn't cling to you the way that the Aer does. I'm not sure if it's the width (height) of it, or the actual articulating strap points that makes it hang a bit away from your body. I keep trying to adjust it to hang the same way that the Aer does, but haven't been successful so far. I end up using the Aer when I go to the park or to the amusement park, and the Peak when I am going to work.
Miro ·
Hey Mikey, great stuff, thanks! I am looking for this exact leather strap as shown on the Sinn 856. Can you give me a hint, please? Cheers!
Goldthunder ·
Much love for the BM North Fork!

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