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Bespoke Post Curated Gear Boxes

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Bespoke Post Curated Gear Boxes

If you're reading this then you might know the feeling of stumbling across a new tool that perfectly completes your carry. But let's be real—most of the time, you aren't depending on luck to find your gear. You put in hours of research to get an idea of what you like. But wouldn't it be nice if that was all done for you? Bespoke Post knows curation, assembling boxes of handpicked essentials and shipping them right to your door each month. It's a fun way to discover and add unique, quality gear to your rotation you might otherwise let slip under the radar.

Unlike some other random subscription box services, Bespoke Post compiles every box with a theme in mind, ranging from drinking sets and cooking tools to outdoor gear and travel essentials, just to name a few. All you have to decide is whether you want in on the box that month and once you choose, it's shipped to you for free. 

Not only do you have multiple options to pick from, but you also get to see gear from unique, smaller brands you might not've known about otherwise. 

Every month the box you get is packed with gear that's usually worth at least $70. But the subscription will only cost you $45 per month thanks to Bespoke Post's bulk ordering, and that's only if you even want the box. You always have the option to skip on a month where nothing catches your interest.

There are already subscriptions services for movies, music, and even meals — now there's one for anyone who values that feeling of finding a useful piece of new gear. 

Whether you're looking to round out your EDC, completely revamp it, or already have your carry dialed and want to explore gear for other aspects of your day to day, Bespoke Post has you covered. 

You can cancel at any time if you're unhappy, but chances are you'll find something that will pique your interest.

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