Updated EDC (new knife)

Chicago, IL
Same as previous submission, but with a different knife.

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Just using it everyday, bulk, usability and comfort
It works well and I have no complaints. I will say, though, that I just got the Benchmade Bug Out in Ranger Green. The stark contrast of how slim and light that is, makes me notice how thick the DPX is. It's a great knife, but I'm probably going to reserve that for weekends or days that I'm not doing my usual thing. I don't have the need for a knife for hard use tasks, so the Bug Out is just fine. The DPX will be for the "I don't know what I'll be doing today, so I'll make sure I have a tank of a knife" kind of days.
How do you like your dpx? Been curious about them but don’t know anyone with one
I like it. The only thing I'd like more is if it were forward assist. Otherwise, I like it a lot. Anything in specific you wanted some feedback on with it? I can try to answer.
I love that leatherman sheath. Is it plastic?
No, it's metal.