Simple College EDC

Student (age 20)
Hooksett, NH

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craig b ·
This is a solid EDC. I see everything in here has some unique character to it. You definitely did your gear homework on watch, knife, pen, etc. Thanks for sharing.
Matt ·
Montana Actual ·
Did you run into any difficulty receiving your Corter Bottlehook? I have read some really negative reviews, but I want one. How does it hold up in your pocket? Any snags getting your keys out, etc etc?
Matt ·
I had no issue receiving my bottlehook. That being said I have had it for around 2 years, so it is possible their distribution has gone down hill since. But the think is a tank, looks just like the day I got it, works great. If you pull the keys just right they might snag, but im talking like a 1 percent chance.
Montana Actual ·
I just placed an order. I love it. Cannot wait. I always wanted something with a bottle opener but they all seemed really tacky and cheap or too bulky. Thanks for sharing.
Matt ·
Its served me well, enjoy!
Montana Actual ·
I got one, but the nice one like you have was not available, so it's a glossy black.