Simple College EDC

Student (age 20)
Hooksett, NH

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This is a solid EDC. I see everything in here has some unique character to it. You definitely did your gear homework on watch, knife, pen, etc. Thanks for sharing.
Did you run into any difficulty receiving your Corter Bottlehook? I have read some really negative reviews, but I want one. How does it hold up in your pocket? Any snags getting your keys out, etc etc?
I had no issue receiving my bottlehook. That being said I have had it for around 2 years, so it is possible their distribution has gone down hill since. But the think is a tank, looks just like the day I got it, works great. If you pull the keys just right they might snag, but im talking like a 1 percent chance.
I just placed an order. I love it. Cannot wait. I always wanted something with a bottle opener but they all seemed really tacky and cheap or too bulky. Thanks for sharing.
Its served me well, enjoy!
I got one, but the nice one like you have was not available, so it's a glossy black.