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Forney, Texas

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Nice pistol! How well do you like it? Would u recommend it?
i would HIGHLY recommend the Sig P938 ...i LOVE this handgun...i tried out quite a few handguns similar to the Sig before i settled on it and NONE even come close to the accuracy an dependability of the P938...for its size it is EXTREMELY accurate ,something small guns of this type are NOT widely known for ... over the last 3 years that I've carried the Sig P938 it has become 1 of my all time favorite handguns ...its comfortable to shoot an comfortable to carry and just i cant stress enough just HOW accurate it is ...given the choice/chance i would purchase it again in a heartbeat !!
Great review, one I'll for sure keep in mind next time I buy a compact handgun....hope to buy my fisrt AR and trade shotguns first though