Probably Indiana Jone's photography carry.

Los Angeles, California
On the go camera bag.

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Where'd you get the Jonnie Walker bottle? It looks like an old one.
Hey Matt, sorry just saw your message. Wish EDC.com would send us notifications for comments. Actually my pops gave me the bottle. he had an old gift box set that was about 40 years old or something crazy like that.
Oscar's got nothing but all-star EDCs! What did you use to take the picture?
THANKS DUDE! I appreciate the compliment! I used my Iphone 7. Shot in RAW format with the Lightroom mobile app. I'm surprised at the quality you can get out of the phone. Just light your stuff well and you're set.
I’d love to know what that bag is
That is a solid Photo EDC! I switched from Nikon to Fuji mirrorless last year and I have never looked back. The prime lenses can be heavy but well worth it.
Thanks and I LOVE the look of the Fuji mirrorless cams. I wish sony looked half as cool. I noticed Fuji has much nicer color to. hope you enjoy!
What's the bag?
How do you like the Rofis R3? Been thinking of getting one myself.