Get home/EDC bag

Washington State

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Knowbody ·
Looks good! I might even add a small blanket in the mix on the bottom of the bag just for added warmth in cold months, or an emergency blanket with a bright orange/reflective side the could double as shelter. And a small mirror.
Nwprepped ·
If you look in the bottom left corner i do have a SOL emergency blanket in there. i thought about adding a larger blanket or poncho liner for added warmth but i'm still on the fence. My other thought was to keep a wool blanket and maybe tarp in the trunk of my car vs my bag and then i can just grab them as needed. Definitely want to add a mirror and a compass too down the road.
Knowbody ·
Yea I have a blanket and tarp in my truck as well. Thanks, I overlooked the SOL blanket.
I also have an extra pair of socks in my GHB. Anyways, great setup!